Interview mit Harry, dem Komponisten und Betreiber der Website

Harry´s Cupboard aus England

Vorerst noch in englischer Originalfassung-die deutsche Übersetzung folgt in Kürze.

Here we start the little interview:

May we ask you for your age?

Of course! I´m 39.

What was the most impressive experience in your Live?

Without doubt, the birth of my 4 daughters :-)

I know that wishes come true, because that’s my job to help people

to fulfill their wishes and how to achieve their goals in life.

May I ask you about your biggest wish and how it came true?

My biggest wish is to watch my family grow and succeed in life.

Would you like to give a concert here in Germany?

Absolutely! ( I LOVE apple pie!)

We do have a very good Apfelstudel (apple pie)

We believe that you compose your music by yourself-since when do you play the piano?

Yes, I compose all my own music. I started playing at 15. I played for one year, then had a break for 11 years. I also taught myself to play, I cant read a note of music to this day. I can play by ear too!

Your keystroke is very gentle, one could think your fingers are one with the piano.

Thank you!

When did you have the idea to compose music for relaxation or lullabies?

I started that about 13 years ago with the birth of my first daughter, Georgia. It helped her get to sleep a little easier. That music was only for my girls, but then I thought, ” why not share it with the world?” So, in 2009, I started my YouTube channel, and the requests started coming in!

Did you ever compose music for a movie?

Not yet, but I would love the chance. It would have to be a love story or similar though.

Are you living in England?

Yes, I live in the south west of England, with my beautiful wife Claire, and my five daughters Georgia, Imogen, Kayleigh, Madison and Ellie-May.

Did you ever live abroad?

No, but my mother Hazel lives in Spain!

What do you think about intuition-

or how do you imagine god for yourself?

I imagine God not as a person, but more of an entity, whom orchestrates His universe beautifully.

We wish you always good luck and thank you so much for letting me use your music – it makes me proud to have met a real-professional.

Thank you Julia and Karsten, you are both amazing people. It has been an absolute pleasure talking and working with you both. I wish you every success in the future and very much hope to work with you again soon. I also would like to wish your audience happiness and appreciation for what you have accomplished.